Are you getting a “Couldn’t sign in to Microsoft Teams” message on your Teams Room System?

Jimmy Vaughan
5 min readMar 1, 2020

So this more than likely applies to those whom are rolling out Microsoft Teams Room systems for the first time, but I hope to also provide some of those whom are troubleshooting some points to look at to know where to go.

This is a system that has the account information there, but is having problems authenticating

More than likely you are setting up your first system and have gone through the initial setup and are here because you are seeing something like the screen above. The above screen indicates that this unit is not signing into exchange, Teams or Skype for business within its environment. Let’s break down how I can evaluate that just from seeing this screen and then we can go further into how to troubleshoot this on the surface.

There are 3 places to look for clues as to what is not logging in

First on the image above, you can see at the top we have the banner of Couldn’t sign in to Microsoft Teams. This is a message that will appear at the top and indicates the unit is having trouble authenticating. This is very broad and can be many different things so lets look at the rest of the screen.

In the upper right you do not see the name of the room under the time. This indicates the unit has not yet logged into Exchange either. So we know we can’t get to Teams or Exchange which might both be O365 depending on your deployment, but what about on-prem Skype for Business?

Well the lack of the new meeting or dial pad icon means the unit has not yet signed into either Skype for Business or Teams as it is not yet able to authenticate to either. How do we proceed?


Since the above image doesn’t have any authentication to Skype, Teams or Exchange the first step that I would take is to see if the unit has an IP address and can in fact reach some of the intended destinations.

Here you can see the IP address of your MTR system

In the settings, there is a spot under the about screen that will show your IP address. If you have an IP address…

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