Do you have a Microsoft Teams Room? If so, then you should take advantage of this!

So if your organization has Microsoft Teams Rooms, there is currently an offer from Microsoft that end customers themselves can take advantage of and its something that will help as the current work conditions ease and employees slowly return to the office.

To cut to the chase, this is the offer that I am suggesting will help every single organization who currently is using Microsoft Teams. I will give you the offer here and then make my case in the article.

Earlier this month, Microsoft updated the MTR premium site enabling customers to self-enroll in the trial. This is a great opportunity for all MTR customers to take advantage of the services that is offered for 3 months free of charge!

If you want to know what this service is or how it works, here is a video explaining the service and it’s benefits. We speak about this on the MTRAMA all of the time and many have found this service useful regardless of the manufacturer of their Microsoft Teams Room system devices so I always recommend trying it, and now you can for Free!

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