<EnableResolutionAndScalingSetting> — Microsoft Teams Rooms and Skypesettings.xml

Jimmy Vaughan
2 min readJul 22, 2022


There is a new addition to the Skypesettings.XML document published for Microsoft Teams Rooms and it is <EnableResolutionAndScalingSetting> allowing administrators to set this appropriately.

The documentation can be found here:
Remotely manage Microsoft Teams Rooms device settings — Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Lots of NEW settings

And under here are the settings that you need to understand to properly set this.

Why do I want to set this?

Maybe your display is a 4k or 8k display? Do you know how EDID works and negotiates? Remember the first days of distributing AV across CAT5 or even earlier with baluns where resolution mattered? WELL, IT STILL DOES!

The compute devices that are purpose built for Teams Rooms have outputs that are capable of a few different output resolutions and that happens as units' boot. In short, the compute device will tell the display what its capable of and the display will check how that matches up against what the display can do. This takes time and can be lengthy based upon how many similar EDID settings are common between both units. That was an issue early on with digital AV distribution and it continues today.

What problem might I be having that I need this?

Well, first thing is you might want to the resolution to be 21:9 because that is the display type you have chosen, and you are defaulting to Microsoft’s Front Row layout. Now you can make sure that you set that resolution using these new XML settings. Also, you can set the scaling to make sure it’s at 100% to keep your Front Row layout at the right scale so that the loop components appear as intended. (<MainFoRDisplayScaling>100</MainFoRDisplayScaling>) Link below to set all your Front Row settings appropriately.

Remotely manage Microsoft Teams Rooms device settings — Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

Maybe you just need to make sure that I boot into 1080p, and you purchased some EDID minders prior to…



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