How to reboot Android (and Windows) Teams devices via the beta Graph API

Jimmy Vaughan
2 min readMay 4, 2022

First, I want to thank Michael Tressler for doing the work to figure this out and I am publishing this with his permission. (See I am giving credit)

I saw what Michael had done and figured that it would spark some creative ideas for where this might be helpful for others. For me, just having the resource available as an idea was what the purpose of posting this is.

You will need to install the Graph beta found here:

Now that you have that, then you can start the procedure below to then restart your devices.

Connect-MgGraph –Scopes ‘TeamworkDevice.Read.All’

Select-MgProfile -Name ‘beta’

#You should now be connected to Graph
#Next we will run a quick inventory report so we can get the Device ID needed for the restart.

$Devices = Get-MgTeamworkDevice | sort-object @{Expression={$_.DeviceType,$_.hardwaredetail.Manufacturer,$_.hardwaredetail.Model};Ascending=$True}

$data =@()

foreach ($Device in $Devices)
$row = “” | Select-Object Devicetype,Manufacturer,Model,Displayname,Id
$row.deviceType = $Device.devicetype
$row.Manufacturer = $Device.hardwaredetail.manufacturer
$row.Model = $Device.hardwaredetail.model
$row.Displayname = $Device.currentuser.displayname
$ = $
$data|format-table -Autosize

#Look at the Id column, and paste it after “-TeamworkDeviceId”
Restart-MgTeamworkDevice -TeamworkDeviceId XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Here is the list of the equipment that you should see when you run the above along with the ID’s on the right:

Once you finish that, the last line is the command to send followed by that ID on the right:

Once you issue this, then your device should restart.



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