Is your Microsoft Teams Room in public preview?

Jimmy Vaughan
3 min readJul 25, 2022

In this article, let’s try to describe the following:

  1. What is public preview?
  2. How do I enable it on the Microsoft Teams Room system?
  3. What recommendations are there for systems in public preview?

What is public preview?

Public Preview for Microsoft Teams provides early access to unreleased features in Teams and in Teams Room systems. Previews allow you to explore and test upcoming features. Microsoft also welcome feedback on any feature in public previews. Public preview is enabled per Team user, so you don’t need to worry about affecting your entire organization which is key for your testing. This means not all Teams Room systems need to be in public preview for your testing purposes. Below is a link to the explanation of how to enable public preview for your Teams tenant which needs to be done before you can put your rooms into public preview.

Public preview in Microsoft Teams — Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

How do I enable public preview on the Microsoft Teams Room systems?

First you need to be running at least firmware (4/27/2022) version on your Microsoft Teams Room Windows system to be able to put your system…



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