Leave meetings automatically when everyone else has left — Microsoft Teams Room Systems

This is an interesting new addition to Microsoft Teams Room systems that allows the units to know that all other participants have left the meeting and thus, the room system should as well.

As the return to work from Covid-19 is underway, there are many whom are looking for touch-less options for room systems and this allows an option for customers whom have Microsoft Teams Room systems (MTR) to provide that touch-less experience which I have written an article about the many options available. Microsoft has many ways of starting the meeting from another device and then including the room, or a single touch of the “Join” button can initiate the schedule meeting in the room.


You can see by the screen that when you log into the settings page on an MTR unit, under the Meetings tab there is a setting that is on by default. This is all that is needed and now your system is good to go and now will be touch-less for ending the meeting.


There was confusion shared recently with me about exactly how this setting worked and because I couldn’t remember the exact scenarios that this needed, I felt the need to update this as a way to even remind me should I get the question again.

In short, there are a few things that need to be satisfied for the room system to leave the meeting automatically so that you can minimize your testing to make sure it is working as expected.

  • The room system MUST be the only user still in the meeting after the next condition is satisfied.
  • It needs to be at least 5 minutes after the schedule of the meeting has expired. That means if you have a meeting scheduled from 2:00 to 2:30, do not expect the meeting room to check to see if it can leave until at least 2:35. If you were to get up at 2:15 and leave, the room system will stay in the meeting until at least 2:35 and then check to see if it is the only remaining user in the meeting and if so, would exit as expected.
  • So what happens if you are past that 5 minute mark? Don’t worry, the checks continue to happen and the unit will still exit the meeting after all have left and the meeting schedule has ended.

So I guess this makes it socially acceptable to just get up and walk out of meetings?

With over 20 years of experience in AV and IT roles for a well diverse combination of employers, I have a specialty in devices and solutions for meeting spaces.

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