We can’t sign you in because the server couldn’t be reached or the server version is incompatible with the device. Contact your support team with this information.

Jimmy Vaughan
4 min readAug 13, 2020


So you are here because you have the error in the title and seen below in the picture on your MTR. While there are a few issues this could be and I have blogged before found here about some of the versions or other issues that might occur, there was on issue that came up recently that took some deep dive troubleshooting that was worthy of writing about in case someone else encounters this.

We can’t sign you in because the server couldn’t be reached or the server version is incompatible with the device. Contact your support team with this information.

So as you can see from the image above, the unit seems to be healthy and has signed in and can even join Teams meetings if there is a calendar invite so we know that Teams and Exchange are working correctly. So the first assumption was something was up with the Skype account. Since the MTR units only have 3 options (as seen in the image below of Skype for Business, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams (default) or Skype for Business (default) and Microsoft Teams, setting something to Microsoft Teams only is not currently an option.

Past experience says that

their autodiscovery DNS must be pointing at something and not allowing the Skype server to be found.

But we ping lyncdiscover.contosso.com and it replies with the appropriate response which was in this case an O365 address. The customer said they have always been O365 and were never on-premises. So there goes that thought.

The customer indicates that these were previously resource room accounts that they used to schedule the rooms and they did a Teams enable through the users on the dashboard. So the next thought was

did we allow enough time for the account to populate through

but the customer indicated it had been almost a week since the accounts were created.

First we login to the account using a browser to make sure the username and password can resolve on the O365 login page. As you can see below it logs in and you can see the Teams icon so it is licensed and the username and password works through a browser, but better safe than sorry to just double check that.

O365 login page on a browser shows it is licensed for Teams

Next we go to the Teams Admin Center (TAC) to see what we can find there. We go under users and there is a proper license and the account seems fine here, but since it is Skype we also need to look at the Skype for Business Legacy portal. The clue to look there is also seen in the front page image as it was licensed for a calling plan and yet the login didn’t seem to populate the dial pad icon on the MTR unit.

Sure enough we go to the

Skype for Business Legacy portal admin center and that user does not exist

Well now we know the user does not exist, what seemed to happen?

What was found is that

the username of the account seemed to start with the character of “#”

because it was a conference room and that was just how this organization named their rooms. Now how do we get this populated?

Well what we ended up doing what using the Enable-CSMeetingRoom to then create the account so that we didn’t lose all the calendar information that has existed. It was a little bit of digging, but we finally found where this error was coming from and this cleared the error and created the accounts just fine.



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