Why does my Microsoft Teams Room system have a local Skype user?

Jimmy Vaughan
4 min readNov 14, 2019

So, if you have a Microsoft Teams Room system and have gone into the Windows settings, you might have noticed when you attempted to login that there is an administration account and a Skype account.

The question is, why is there a Skype account and what does it do?

Well let’s start with the architecture of the systems so we can understand why this user is needed and then we can go over some of the reasons why this user is so important.

System Architecture very broad overview

All MTR systems are built on Windows 10 and they are available to login to the administrator account. But as you login you will see a Skype user there as well. To get to the administrator account you will need to choose that account. If you choose the Skype user you will see the MTR application launch automatically and then will need to go back into Windows settings via the MTR app.

Here is the login of an MTR unit where you have 2 users. The default login for admin is “sfb”

The MTR application is a Windows 10 store application that runs on the device by default when the Skype user is run and auto logs in. Therefore there is a very important document from Microsoft that gives proper guidance:


Software updates

By default, Microsoft Teams Rooms attempts to connect to the Windows Store to get the latest version of Microsoft Teams Rooms software, so the device will require regular internet access. Before contacting Microsoft with support issues, be sure the Microsoft Teams Rooms device is loaded with the latest version of the app.

By default, Microsoft Teams Rooms connects to Windows Update to retrieve operating system and USB peripheral device firmware updates, and installs them outside of configured business hours. You can configure business hours by signing



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