Yes….I have made a life decision

Jimmy Vaughan
2 min readNov 23, 2020

So yes, the plan was to resign my position at Crestron after close to 20 years, buy a piece of land at the beach and then build a dream house. And those 2 things happened as planned and below is the picture of the piece of land that I purchased. Yes…I really did purchase what you see below so the road ahead for me is not a small chore….

The before image….hopefully the after is much closer to my dream house

I posted on social media about leaving Crestron and I was humbled by the response of the community. It was not something that I expected, but very much appreciated and was very kind. The outpouring of support and opportunities was tremendous and even included an offer to work for a previous employer that I have not worked for in almost 20 years.

And that is where the next life decision came to be.

There is comfort knowing that the community support was there, but I also believed there is so much more ahead that could be done. With that being said, I went back, had some hard decisions to make and things to think about.

Knowing that I have such a road ahead with building the new home, should I take on new opportunities that might interfere? Maybe these opportunities would still be there if I just took my time?

After speaking with so many people about their opportunities and where I might fit in, it was clear. I knew where I could make the most difference and where my impact would be greatest, I have chosen to join Microsoft.

This was not an easy decision either as it meant giving up something that I love, my Microsoft MVP. For those whom have obtained this distinction, it really is something that is not easy to say goodbye to as it is a very close community of those whom I have tremendous respect.

Microsoft Teams Room systems are nothing short of transformative for those organizations that have made the investment.

There will be a lot more information that can be shared shortly, but for now I just wanted to send a thank you for everyone whom I have spoken to over the last week and let everyone know that the conversations have meant a lot and I think there will be some great things coming soon!



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