So if your organization has Microsoft Teams Rooms, there is currently an offer from Microsoft that end customers themselves can take advantage of and its something that will help as the current work conditions ease and employees slowly return to the office.

To cut to the chase, this is the offer that I am suggesting will help every single organization who currently is using Microsoft Teams. I will give you the offer here and then make my case in the article.

So yes, the plan was to resign my position at Crestron after close to 20 years, buy a piece of land at the beach and then build a dream house. And those 2 things happened as planned and below is the picture of the piece of land that I purchased. Yes…I really did purchase what you see below so the road ahead for me is not a small chore….

The before image….hopefully the after is much closer to my dream house

I posted on social media about leaving Crestron and I was humbled by the response of the community. It was not something that I expected, but very much appreciated and was…

So if you have been following the recent news of the Microsoft Teams Room Systems, one of the largest steps forward is that now they can be managed in the Teams Admin Center. Teams Admin Center is otherwise known as TAC. You can find more about that topic from Microsoft as it is documented here.

We had a great overview of the auto enrollment on the MTR AMA in the August event which is a community event that Graham Walsh and I host monthly. In the events, we always focus on that months announcements and have open discussions with end…

So you are here because you have the error in the title and seen below in the picture on your MTR. While there are a few issues this could be and I have blogged before found here about some of the versions or other issues that might occur, there was on issue that came up recently that took some deep dive troubleshooting that was worthy of writing about in case someone else encounters this.

We can’t sign you in because the server couldn’t be reached or the server version is incompatible with the device. Contact your support team with this information.

So as you can see from the image above, the unit seems to be healthy and has signed in and can even join Teams meetings if…

This is an interesting new addition to Microsoft Teams Room systems that allows the units to know that all other participants have left the meeting and thus, the room system should as well.

As the return to work from Covid-19 is underway, there are many whom are looking for touch-less options for room systems and this allows an option for customers whom have Microsoft Teams Room systems (MTR) to provide that touch-less experience which I have written an article about the many options available. …

As the move from “Work from home” (WFH) back to working from an office, leadership is asking:

“How do we make the shared spaces safer for our employees to use the technology in the room?”

Looking at a conference room, huddle room or executive board room that is outfitted with a Microsoft Teams Room system has some of the capabilities right now and Microsoft is planning on expanding that capability in the near future as well.


What works now is something called “Proximity join” and first I will describe it from the MTR device side settings and how to set…

OCTOBER 13th is a date you should be aware of

If you have been watching the latest updates to Microsoft O365, there is one announcement that you might have skipped and although not related directly to your Microsoft Teams Room system, this will have a significant impact to your room systems.

Microsoft intends to turn off basic authentication in Exchange online for ActiveSync, POP, IMAP and remote PowerShell and have announced they will be more precise in 2021.

Why doesn’t my mute status on the Microsoft Teams Room System never stay in sync?

Have you ever asked that question or had an embarrassing episode where you thought you were muted, but you weren't?

Maybe you don't know why this happened or just want to find out how to prevent this from happening in the future?

Today Microsoft is releasing an update to the Microsoft Teams desktop application that allows you to do virtual backgrounds. There’s a few tricks that you can use to make sure you have everything you need to have some fun when its appropriate.

First is how to actually see your background images that are available. Microsoft has per-populated images that you can choose from so the easy part is to follow the diagram of 1, 2, 3 below and you are using your virtual background and hiding what might be in view of your camera.

So if you have used Zoom as your conferencing platform, you have been exposed to the virtual backgrounds that no longer need green screens. If you need a tutorial on how to use the Zoom backgrounds, that can be found here.

Microsoft is set to deploy the setting on Microsoft Teams very soon according to Tom Arbuthnot’s post found here and it is something that I am sure users will enjoy. …

Jimmy Vaughan

With over 20 years of experience in AV and IT roles for a well diverse combination of employers, I have a specialty in devices and solutions for meeting spaces.

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